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We think in processes
to provide practical insight



Client focus with tailor-made
solutions delivered.

Interstand Consulting provides premium advisory services for the CFO area, including IFRS implementation and application, reporting, process development, RPA and other financial areas. We support our clients with practical solutions based on experience gained in multinational, public company and Big4 environment resulting in tailor-made deliverables.

IFRS advisory

„We mind the GAAP”: feasibility study, transition, reporting

CFO services

Value and insights, delivered – financial processes, controlling, financial planning & a nalysis, M&A


Practical solutions for complex CFO issues

Current news

Lease Disclosures – considerations

We published a post earlier on how to implement IFRS 16 on leases on a sustainable way. As noted there, sustainability includes that the core process provides as much data for disclosure requirements as possible. As underpinned by several comprehensive post-implementation studies, the projects were harder than expected, and the new standard considerably increased workload of annual reporting. The fact that a substantial portion of IT tools applied for lease accounting (almost half of them as per the study quoted above) further contributed to this. It might therefore be useful to have a look on these disclosure requirements now, when the preparation of the first, IFRS 16 compliant annual report preparation is knocking on our doors. We consider lessee aspects, since lessor requirements did not change significantly.

Our strengths

Integrated approach

We think in processes, not in single problem solving; consider all aspects of an issue (external and internal reporting, planning, controlling, ERP, organizational impact, internal trainings and regulations etc.)

Knowledge with track record

Our experience is derived from public and Big4 environment. We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions to the financial management of our clients

Tailor-made project teams

We build our project teams from professionals with the most relevant background; their professional experience will deliver viable, practice-proof proposals to the financial management of our clients.

Client focus

We deliver not only advices, but see with the eyes of the client. Our deliverables are not general proposals, but specific, ready-to-use, and tailored to the clients’ needs and interests.

Cost efficiency

We offer flexible cooperation terms to find the most efficient option for our clients